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Our No Closing Cost Refinance program perfectly represents everything I want RP Funding to stand for. No tricks, no fees, and no risk – plus excellent customer service – it’s how the home refinance process should work. - Robert Palmer

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How RP Pays Closing Costs

In 2014, we launched a bold promotion to pay all closing costs for consumers who wished to refinance their mortgage. Now, after paying over $40 million in closing costs for our clients, we are proud to announce that the “No Closing Cost Refinance”* program has become a permanent fixture at RP Funding.

I know what you’re thinking. This sounds too good to be true, right? What’s the catch? I hear this time and time again. After paying more than $40 million in closing costs for homeowners seeking to refinance their mortgage, people still ask me, “How can you pay all my closing costs and still make money?” Let me tell you...

  • It all started by taking $1 million from our advertising budget, we were able to reinvest that money and pay all our clients' refinancing closing costs.
  • We don’t charge lender fees in any of our transactions. This results in big savings for our customers across the board, at zero risk to you.
  • As a direct lender, we are able to cut out the middleman and save customers even more money.
  • Unlike 93 percent of our competitors, we have a portfolio of loans we service, which means we make money on the interest collected throughout the life of our loans, not from hidden fees.
  • Our loan officers don't work on a typical commission scale, allowing us to save money and, in turn, pass those savings on to you.

Over my years as a direct lender, I found expensive closing costs were a homeowners’ biggest concern when considering a refinance. Even if they knew they were going to save tens of thousands of dollars throughout the life of the loan, people still hated having to ‘pay to save.’

At that point, I was spending millions of dollars a year on advertising for our refinancing services, so I thought, “What if I took $1 million from advertising and used that money to pay our clients’ closing costs instead?” I thought such an amazing offer might be able to generate enough word-of-mouth advertising to replace what I cancelled, and that's exactly what it did.

So, that's how we are able to cover all closing costs for each and every single one of our home refinancing clients, including everything from doc stamps and intangible tax to title insurance. By combining those savings with our "no lender fees" promise and ability to keep loans in-house from start to finish, we can offer our customers thousands and thousands of dollars in savings.

Through all this, our objective was to earn enough referrals and recommendations from satisfied customers to recover our investment. The results, however, were beyond anything we could have imagined and what started out as a six-month trial offer was perfected over the following two years and has single-handedly grown RP Funding to brand new heights.

Positive word-of-mouth proved to be ten times more effective than radio and TV ads put together. In just one year, our $1 million investment saw an incredible return. Rather than taking our earnings and retiring the offer to keep the profits in our pockets, we doubled down and reinvested into making our “No Closing Cost Refinance” a permanent program and a pillar of the RP Funding experience, so we can continue serving our clients with the most savings and the best service.

Industry experts across the country agree that mortgage interest rates will continue to rise in the coming months. However, despite the increases, interest rates are still at all-time lows. Right now, at zero cost to you, we can lock you in at today’s low rates to help you lower your monthly payment and pay off your mortgage faster.

Our “No Closing Cost Refinance” program can help you secure a lower interest rate, pay off your loan faster, or get you the cash you need to take on your next project. With no money out of your own pocket, now’s the time to take advantage of the savings we can offer you.

Here's what you can do with your savings:

  • Canceling private mortgage insurance
    Most consumers don’t realize that PMI can be dropped when they have 20 percent equity in their home. Dropping PMI on a $250,000 mortgage can save you up to $2,500 a year.
  • Cutting years off the length of your mortgage
    Refinancing your mortgage to a shorter term can help pay your home off faster; every year you eliminate from the loan can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
  • Funding overdue home improvements
    Is it time to fix your roof or install new hardwood floors? Want to add a pool? With a refinance, you could fund the home improvements you’ve been dreaming of for years.
  • Eliminating high-interest debt
    Refinancing your home loan can help you lock in a lower interest rate and consolidate your high-interest student loan and credit card payments, offering significant savings on the road to debt-free living.

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At RP Funding, we built our business by doing what’s right for consumers first and foremost. We believe customers seeking out a lower interest rate by refinancing their home loans shouldn't be hit with steep third-party closing costs. We are proud of what we’ve accomplished through programs like our “No Closing Cost Refinance,” but we’re always looking to offer more to you – the community that has given us so much.

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Meet Robert Palmer,

RP Funding CEO and Consumer Advocate

Venture capitalist, author, radio host, and philanthropist, Robert Palmer has dedicated his life to building businesses from the ground up. However, his most notable purpose remains being a consumer advocate working with one singular goal in mind — to make people’s lives better.

From mentoring the community’s youth to sharing his in-depth understanding of credit building, debt repayment, home buying and selling, and much more, Robert uses his business acumen to ensure others also have the opportunity to succeed in all aspects of their lives.

Robert shares his knowledge and financial advice for homeowners and consumers across the country and around the clock on his radio show Saving Thousands. He also can be heard on Florida FM stations as the financial guru on The Money Minute. Listen online or download the iHeartRadio App to hear more on Robert Palmer Radio.

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